The Lodge of Industry 48 


As the oldest Lodge in the province of Durham, our lodge is full of rich History

As the Oldest Lodge in the Province of Durham we are enriched in History.

Early History

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The Lodge of Indusry 48 Early history.

Although the original of the Lodge is shrouded in the mists of antiquity it is quite evident that it was in full operation for some years prior to its warrant from the Grand Lodge of England which bears the date 24th July,1735 and it is popularly supposed that Sir Ambrose Crowley (died 1713) who erected the ironworks at Winlaton in 1690 and later at Swalwell, was instrumental in its formation. 


It is the only Lodge under English constitution which was originally of a purely operative character.

The first recorded minute now in possession of the lodge is of a meeting held on 29th September, 1725 when Matthew Armstrong and Arthur Douglas  were registered Entered Apprentices paying one shilling for entranced 7/6 when they take their freedom.


In the year 1734 the Lodge appointed Joseph Laycock as Provincial Grand Master he being the first PGM of the Province of Durham and the lodge continued to exercise the right of appointing the PGM until the year 1782. 

In the year 1725 the Lodge  was held at Winlaton, from 1735 – 1845 at Swalwell and since that date at Gateshead. The Lodge moved to its present building on the 28th April 1986.

Present Day

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The Lodge and present day.

The chair formerly used by the Master of the Lodge is now in the Provincial Library and Museum at the Esplanade, Sunderland, it was used by the H.R.H the Duke of Sussex , Grand Master, when laying the foundation stone of the Literary and Philosophical Institute at Newcastle upon Tyne on the second September 1822/

The Pair of Scagliola marble Pillars in the Temple were presented to the Lodge by a former Earl of Durham. It is believed that there is only one other pair in existence in the whole world.


The Lodge Banner of rich silk and gold material was partly worked on in China sand completed in Bombay, being presented to the Lodge in 1892 by Bro. Jeejeebhoy Nowrojee, a wealthy parsee who took all of his degrees in the lodge whilst studying in this country. 

In the year 1849, the Lodge visited the Lodge St David, Edinburgh, no 36 this being the first recorded visit of a lodge under the English constitution to one under the Scottish constitution. this was happily commemorated in 1949 (100 years later) by a similar visit to Lodge St David. 

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THE LODGE OF INDUSTRY 48 the oldest Freemasons Lodge in the province of Durham